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Our students first choice for Maths Tuition right across Adelaide.

Our Mission 

Our Maths Tuition mission is to equip and empower Adelaide students from years 5 – 12 with the logical reasoning skills and Maths knowledge to excel in all elements of their Maths studies.

Our Math tutors in Adelaide believe that the study of Mathematics is much more than just a series of numbers and formulas. It is the engine room for logical and critical thinking, helping us solve every day problems and navigate through daily life. Mathematical principles also greatly assist us in our understanding of nature, medicine, engineering and economics.

“Nature is written in mathematical language”

Galileo Galilei


Grade A Tuition provides high quality maths tutor services to students in Adelaide, South Australia. Adelaide is known for its high quality schools and universities, with many great opportunities and pathways for students to enter the workplace.  We enjoy seeing the success of the students in our classes.

We are experienced in mentoring students from years 5-12 in maths, and are accredited with the Australian Tutoring Association. Our tutors have worked in Adelaide based schools and have knowledge over various standards including ACARA, SACE & IB.

Learning maths can be difficult, but by taking part in our local Adelaide based maths tuition service, students have the opportunity to work in small highly focused classes (usually 6-8 students) where they are challenged and mentored to give them the best opportunity possible to succeed in their future endeavours.

For parents, our Adelaide maths tutors will provide regular feedback so you can get a picture of how they are progressing.

We look forward to tutoring your child and assisting them in mathematics. Please click here to go straight to our online booking system or contact us for more information.