Welcome to Grade A Maths Tuition, our students first choice for MathS Tuition right across Adelaide.

Our Maths tuition mission is to equip and empower Adelaide students from years 5 – 12 with the logical reasoning skills and Maths knowledge to excel in all elements of their Maths studies.

We believe that the study of Maths is much more than just a series of numbers and formulas. It is the engine room for logical and critical thinking, helping us solve every day problems and navigate through daily life. Mathematical principles also greatly assist us in our understanding of nature, medicine, engineering and economics.

We hope to see our Adelaide students learn, grow as individuals and inspire themselves and others around them with their new found Maths knowledge.

Our small and focussed ‘group based’ Maths tuition classes are led by our highly experienced Maths tutors and offer an interactive and fun learning environment where Adelaide students are encouraged to ask questions, share ideas and develop their critical thinking skills rather than simply rote learn the Maths material.

We also offer 1 on 1 Maths tuition classes for years 11 and 12.

Begin your journey with Grade A maths Tuition today!


Key features of Grade A Maths Tuition:
  • Australian Tutoring Association accredited
  • Experienced and Expert Maths Tutors
  • Very small, focused Maths tuition groups of 6-8 students
  • Personalised Maths tuition learning programs (including homework plans & regular parent
  • Differentiated learning based on ACARA and SACE national standards as well as an IB focus
  • 30 minutes personalised learning & 60 minutes of accelerated learning per 90-minute class (1.5 hour class).
  • 1 on 1 Maths tuition for years 11 and 12. Please call to discuss and book these sessions.
  • Online, live streamed virtual Maths Tuition for all year levels (5- 12)
    • Contact us on 08 7077 0301 for more information and to book your Maths tuition class now
    • Live, real time interaction with the Maths tutors
    • Once booked, we will send you a unique log in link to log in to your virtual Maths tuition class