How long is each lesson?

Each lesson is 90 minutes; 30 min of personalised learning and 60min of learning acceleration workshops.

How does the program/tuition program work?

Students are given an individualised learning plan by their tutor based on their original diagnostic test.

In the first 30 minutes of the lesson, students are able to ask and receive help on any school based or tuition work.

In the next hour, students are accelerated in their learning through an interactive workshop based on year level topics that are designed to encourage questioning and problem solving.

Students are given a homework plan at the end of each lesson based on their level of proficiency with the topic.

How can a student receive help in a specific area of their Maths, and are students able to receive help immediately if a lesson is ‘topic based’?

In the first 30 minutes of the lesson, students may receive help in any area of mathematics. However, it is likely that many questions will be based on the current topic being taught in the tutorial workshops, as lessons are designed to cater for both the current and future learning needs of the members in the class.

For example, two students may be enrolled in the same class with one student studying measurement and the other algebra at school. In this case the tutor may incorporate subject matter in the lesson that covers both topic areas by providing working examples that require the application of algebraic skills in the topic of measurement.

What curriculum is the tuition aligned to?

The Australian Curriculum from years 5-10, and SACE and IB curriculum in years 11 and 12.

How will parents know that students are improving and when will feedback be given?

Students are assessed regularly based on their responses to working problems in class (questions and short quizzes) and homework answers.

Tutors will ‘sign off’ on the students completed homework (on their homework timetable guide), indicating a level of ‘mastery’ achieved in particular units of Maths.

The individualised learning program for each student is an ongoing learning development plan which will be updated as the students Maths proficiency increases over the course of their Grade A tuition experience.

Will students fall behind if they miss the occasional tuition session?

The students may miss key concepts taught during the allocated 60 minute accelerated learning section, but they will be able to catch up and receive support on any material missed when they attend their next class. This will be during the first 30 minutes of the personalised learning time.

Can a student attend once a fortnight?

Yes, but students will not receive all the required learning to adequately complete a unit of work covered in the tuition workshops. Maths units are usually taught over a 8-10 week period.

How will students be consistently extended?

Students will be constantly stretched and challenged in their learning through the 60min learning acceleration workshop in every lesson.The subject matter is always new and fresh for each lesson so that students are never bored and are challenged to grow in their learning.

What resources will students need to bring?

  • Students in grades 7-10 will need a Haese and Harris homework book. The cost of this book is $15.
  • All students will need to bring a calculator, Maths excercise book and writing utensils (pencils or pens)
  • Students attending their first session are encouraged to bring past test results for review

How do I pay and book for Maths tuition sessions?

Payment for sessions is via the Grade A Tuition website via a direct debit system. The minimum booking requirement is for 3 tuition sessions.

You do have the option to book larger group sessions with the benefit of an associated group booking discount.

You can nominate your preferred tuition class time and date via the session planner.

What happens if I need to cancel a session that I have booked?

Rebooking of cancelled sessions is managed via a Coupon system. Please visit our Cancellations page for more information.

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